Information for Faculty & Staff Members


Employees traveling on behalf of NLTCC must comply with the Louisiana State Travel Policy (PPM49).  The Office of State Travel offers many levels of training and is available to assist with training and compliance.  The NLTCC Travel Office has provided a step by step Travel Checklist and Procedures to assist NLTCC Faculty and Staff.



  • All travel exceeding 99 miles round trip must be pre-approved by your supervisor and requires a Travel Authorization Form. 
  • Submit a signed (by you and your supervisor) Prior Travel Authorization Form to the Travel OfficeA completed and signed prior authorization form must be received by the Travel Office before the Travel Office can finalize arrangements.
  • Complete your Conference/Meeting Registration if applicable (not all travel will require a registration).
  • Book a Hotel. Allowances for hotels can be found here
  • Fill out a Hotel Tax Exemption form and have it approved/signed .
  • If a state vehicle is not available, book a Rental Vehicle.  If you are eligible to upgrade your vehicle rental or should you choose to utilize a personal vehicle, you will need to complete the Personal Vehicle/Upgrade Request Form.
  • If NLTCC Students/non-NLTCC employees will be traveling with you, each will need to complete a Hold Harmless Agreement.
  • Forward rental car confirmation to Travel Office.
  • All state travelers who will be traveling via a flight are required to purchase commercial airline tickets through the state contracted travel agency, Christopherson Travel Agency; this is handled through their AirPortal system. 
  • Meal reimbursement allowances may be found here. Complementary meals provided by your hotel or those provided during a meeting/conference will not be reimbursed.
  • Print all documents you may need to take with you.

During Travel

  • Keep all your receipts. (Meal receipts are not required.)
  • Record Mileage.
  • Record any other expenses (tips. tolls, parking, etc.) incurred.

Upon Return

  • Within 3 Business days, complete the Travel Reimbursement FormBoth the Summary and Detail tabs MUST be completed.
  • If you were pre-approved to take your own vehicle by the Chancellor, you will need to supply the beginning and ending mileage for your vehicle and include a google map print out showing beginning address and travel destination with your travel reimbursement.
  • Submit the completed travel reimbursement form and receipts to your supervisor.
  • Once your supervisor signs your travel reimbursement form, all information should be forwarded to the Travel Office for processing.


Facility Requests

The purpose of the work order is to initiate a task, clarify what is to be done, specify completion dates, and give special instructions as needed to the NLTCC Department of Facilities. Work orders can be generated through a service request form (work request form) that is submitted to your campus's Facility Coordinator.  

When is a work order required?

  • To request a non-critical maintenance task that does not pose an immediate risk to facilities, systems, equipment, or components. Some examples are removing old equipment, setting up new equipment, painting, or changing light bulbs.
  • To request preventative maintenance on a piece of equipment to keep existing equipment in good working condition, prevent equipment downtime, increase the life expectancy of assets, decrease the number of major repairs, and control expenses.
  • To request a set of inspection points requiring maintenance in preparation or response to an inspection or visit.
  • To request urgent/emergent/immediate repair of equipment or a facility failure.
  • To request corrective maintenance generated as a result of a regular inspection, preventive maintenance, emergency, etc., which identifies the failure in a reasonable time for corrective maintenance to be planned and scheduled. 
  • To request assistance from the Facilities Department or to notify your campus's Facility Coordinator of an issue.


Ms. Melissa Gilcrease, Minden Facility Coordinator 

Minden Work Order


Mr. Robert Brents, Shreveport Facility Coordinator 

Shreveport Work Order


Mr. Thurmon Marr, Mansfield Facility Coordinator

Mansfield Work Order

Chambers, Councils, and Alliances

Faculty and staff are encouraged to be engaged in their communities as members of organizations, associations, and groups of different types. In order to remain engaged and connected with the needs of business and industry, Northwest LTCC maintains membership in chambers, councils, and alliances throughout our nine-parish service area. A small sample of the organizations of which Northwest LTCC is a member includes:


Tuition Reduction Agreement with Northwestern State University (NSU)

Northwest LTCC has a Memorandum of Understanding with NSU which extends reduced tuition for full-time faculty and staff of our College. The agreement is good for both undergraduate and graduate level coursework provided by NSU. Undergraduate credit is available at $25 per credit hour and graduate credit is available at $50 per credit hour. For more information and an application for the reduced tuition, contact Human Resources.


Louisiana Employees Online (LEO)

  • Online Compliance Training
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Defensive Driving
  • Sexual Harassment


Learning Resource Plans